I am a creative, enthusiastic, and tech-savvy marketing professional with a passion for project management and social media. I enjoy solving marketing strategy challenges and am able to think very effectively on my feet to create solutions to unique challenges. Also, I excel to focusing on mission critical details while considering vision and scope of multiple projects in parallel.

Where I can contribute to your team: In short, my energy is infectious. I love getting people excited about completing a common goal during a difficult project. Need someone to work cross-functionally with grace, flexibility, and a professional sense of humor? I’m your person.

What’s my dream job? Well, I answer that question with a dream problem I’d like to solve in the future. I want to work with a world-renowned brand and be given a new product, service, or idea and drive the entire marketing/brand strategy. How would we meet our target consumer where they are, with the right messaging, and on the right platform? I want to solve those problems that brands like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Target meet on a daily basis. Bonus if I could work for a rad outdoor company like REI or Mountain Hardwear.

Biggest Success: Launching the Palo Alto University website by collaborating with internal stakeholders and external vendors to manage the strategy, content, development and UX design of the website.

Weekend MO: Taking on too many craft projects, capturing the perfect “cat selfie“, seeking peace and quiet on the hiking trail, and experimenting with homemade ice cream perfection.

Do you need some help on your team? I’d love to chat. Reach out to me on LinkedIn:

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