Parkinson’s Institute Social Media Copy and Creative

Gait and Balance: An exercise class graphic I created and managed the content on The Parkinson’s Institute Facebook and Twitter page.

Woman in pink shirt leading workout with group of people at the Parkinson's Institute

Meet Your Clinical Research Experts:

A project I managed to promote the Clinical Research team at the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center. The copy that was accompanying this Facebook photo album was as follows:

Our Clinical Research Department works tirelessly to better understand the causes of Parkinson’s disease and find the path to prevention and new treatments. Work includes: identifying environmental risk factors, identifying genetic risk factors, investigating the interaction of genetic and environmental risk factors, investigating the shared risk factors for neurodegenerative disorders, identifying early symptoms and features of Parkinson’s disease, identifying and testing protective therapies, and identifying treatments for non-motor and motor symptoms in Parkinson’s. Learn more about Clinical Research at the Parkinson’s Institute:

Meet Your Clinical Research Experts