Sample Email Copy

Senario: A company that partners with local supermarkets and grocery stores to provide two-hour delivery of food and other perishables needs to write an email campaign to get lapsed customers back.The company is offering a $10 coupon as part of the email to “win-back” targeted customers who’ve made a purchase in the past, but who have not ordered in the past 90 days.

Assignment Overview:

  1. Craft an email subject line of no more than 9 words designed to bolster open rates
  2. Craft an email headline of no more than 4 words designed to bolster click rates
  3. Craft the body of the email using no more than 90 words; again, the goal is to reactivate these lapsed users. I made reasonable assumptions about the variety of food and perishables offered as part of the service.

Fictional company name: GroceryDelivers
Email Subject (7 words): Use Your $10 | Thank You for Shopping!
Email Headline (4 words): Two-hour grocery delivery.
Suggested time for sending: 10:30 a.m. PST, Tuesday

Email Body (88 words):

Thank you for shopping GroceryDelivers. Here’s $10 to spend on dinner.

 Cross off your to-do list and get revitalized after a long day with GroceryDelivers. Use your $10 for summer favorites like Casa Sanchez Salsa Roja or fresh-squeezed Santa Cruz Organic Mango juice. The perfect addition to any meal.

We’ve added new stores in the Bay Area like Bianchini’s and The Milk Pail Market to deliver the best produce and groceries in two hours or less to your doorstep.

To redeem, simply enter promo code SHOP10 at checkout.