Parkinson’s Institute Podcast Project

Podcasts at Your Parkinson’s Institute: Podcast Library webpage

I initiated this effort after learning many of our potential donors were not residing close to the Parkinson’s Institute in Sunnyvale and the Marketing and Communications Development team wanted to reach them using digital communications. We were already hosting monthly educational seminars at the Parkinson’s Institute, so I presented the idea and project plan to create an iTunes Podcast channel. I led this project in creating the content for the podcast descriptions, website content, recording and producing audio, and coordinating social media and email campaigns. This was completed in July of 2013.

Email Campaign:

An email campaign sent through Constant Contact to 4,000 recipients and generated over 21% click-through rate.

Email campaign: Podcasts at Your Parkinson's Institute

email campaign: Podcasts at Your Parkinson's Institute!_p2

Social Media: