Road Trip Wrap-Up: California and Oregon

Top three things I learned on our road trip from the Bay Area to Oregon and back:

  • In a previous strategy of firefighting- people would jump out of airplanes with only the supplies they could carry (usually a shovel and an axe) to fight raging wildfires in the Oregon wilderness. They were called the Siskiyou Smokejumpers.
  • Morning Gloryville, a morning rave dance party focused on positive energy and an inviting atmosphere, started in London in 2013 and has spread to 11 cities throughout the world.
  • In Oregon, it is against the law to pump your own gas. You can ask an attendant to hand you the pumping nozzle, but you cannot bring it from the pump to your car yourself and can be fined up to $500. This was a law enacted to create jobs in Oregon, according to a local citizen.

Our loose itinerary:

Day 1: Bay Area, CA to Crater Lake, OR

  • Lodging: Williamette Pass Inn & Chalets
    • This was due to Brice and I getting so lost in the Oregon backcountry in the dark that we could not find our campsite. This little Inn was so cute and the owner was awesome.

We were able to stop for a minute to see Crater Lake- it was breathtaking. Crater Lake


We were also able to join a Morning Gloryville morning rave. One of the most positive and energizing experiences I’ve ever been to. A mix of people- professionals, parents, kids (babies!), and people looking to start their day in a good place just dancing and sweating it out on the dance floor. The free coffee was also a perk.

Morning Gloryville San Francisco

Day 2: Crater Lake, OR to Newberry National Volcanic Monument, OR

The insanely beautiful morning we had:


We also stopped at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument and the Obsidian Trail at the Newberry Crater.

Newberry Volcanic Crater

Newberry Volcanic Crater

Obsidian Lava Flow Oregon

Obsidian Lava Flow Oregon

Obsidian Lava Flow Oregon

Obsidian Lava Flow Oregon

Newberry Crater


 Day 3: Newberry National Volcanic Monument  to Corvallis, OR

We visited one of my very best friends and classmates of my Apparel Merchandising program at Iowa State University, Allison Ramsing, and got to meet her wonderful husband, Peter Ramsing. A couple steeped in newlywed bliss that was so inspiring to see.

10 Barrel Brewing Tasting

Day 4: Eugene, OR to Fort Bragg, CA
  • Lodging: Fort Bragg beachfront AirBnb
  • Noteable eateries: Hensel’s Seafood and Deli
    • My very first 5-star yelp review. A truly unique experience here- pictures aren’t going to do the freshness of this fish justice. Hansel literally said he caught the Rock Cod the day before.

We also stopped at the Siskiyou Smokejumper Museum (mostly because I was looking for a restroom) and just happened to find two Cyclone alumni that were giving tours. It was a surreal experience to be out in the middle of Oregon and run into a couple of people you have a lifelong connection to as Alumni!

Hensel's Seafood and Deli Fish Tacos

Teriyaki Fish

Driving through Redwood National Forest

Fort Bragg AirBnb

Fort Bragg AirBnb

Day 5: Fort Bragg, CA to Bay Area, CA
  • Notable eateries: Queenie’s Roadhouse Cafe had fresh squeezed OJ, caramel apple waffles, and local turkey sausage. It was a real joy for a couple of breakfast connoisseurs- but the prices were erm, Californian, shall we say? $4.50 for fresh OJ, anyone?

After 5 full days of driving, this hubs and I were super excited to be home.

Road Trip


One Comment on “Road Trip Wrap-Up: California and Oregon

  1. How fun! I love Fort Bragg. It was the first trip I took with my hubby outside our honeymoon. It’s so pretty! Crater Lake is amazing. I love your campsite suggestion. It looks so pretty and tranquil. Love your pictures thank you for sharing your trip!


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