Geocaching is My Thrift Shop


Have you ever been Geocaching before? Brice and I recently started searching for “treasure” everywhere from a stop signs to picnic benches. People all over the world hide these small containers with “treasures” in secret locations located by GPS coordinates. It’s easy to get involved and a fun way to get outside. You’ll never guess the lengths we went to in our attempts to find one of our geocaches…

Yesterday, we went to Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve and did an 8-mile trek through Limekiln and Priest Rock trails. Highly recommended for easy access hiking with well-maintained trails and great views of the Santa Cruz mountains and Silicon Valley. We found this through Bay Area Hiker– a great resource for light and adventurous hikers alike.

What did I wear? Northface shirt, a Target hat with a ponytail hole, Ruby Ribbon leggings, and Under Armour shoes. I also kept my REI long sleeve on hand for when it got a little breezy. Sierra Azul Outfit Brice was wearing Lululemon athletic shirt and their new Kung Fu yoga pants, and Asolo hiking boots. He’s training for a backpacking trip in Ohlone– that’s the reason for the big pack. Brice Seirra Azul We saw a lot of blooming wildflowers. This is my favorite season to hike ridgeline trails because it gets way to hot in the summer and everything looks dead. WildflowersSierraAzul We also saw a lot of cute animals, especially this cute little gopher.

Geocache Thrifting: While Geocaching I found a homemade survival bracelet, trail-fashion ready. 🙂 Also found an old Cary Grant DVD. Be sure if you take something from a cache, you return a token of your own. We don’t really geocache for tangible items, but the adventure itself. It’s still fun to find something you can wear, and for free- right? GeocachingFind What’s Behind Those Bushes? One of our last cache’s, we were looking for a nano cache and were rustling around all over two huge rusted-out pipes. Nano cache’s are normally magnetic and very small- you have to feel around and look very closely at objects around you. We searched for a long time and were about to give up when we tried one more time near the pipes and I was using my phone flashlight to rummage around to the left of the structure when I looked a foot beyond my hand and there it was. A rattlesnake.

Acting completely out of character and did not scream or cry, but calmly asked Brice to walk towards me very quickly (he was on the other side of the pipes). Both being pretty rattled, we hiked pretty briskly the .05 mile back to the car. Snakes are definitely not my thing and I usually have a complete melt-down if one is slithering about. Lizards, prairie dogs, salamanders, spiders, event marmots are totally cool. But snakes- just make my skin crawl. The odd thing is that while Brice shot a few photos (from a safe distance) this snake never did move, put it’s head up or rattle. Scary, right? We were taught that rattlesnakes will almost definitely make a loud, obnoxious rattling sound if something makes them feel threatened. We still have no clue why it seemed so out of it.

Would you have seen this in the bushes?
Sierra Azul Rattlesnake (This photo is completely unedited.)

How about now? We couldn’t get him/her all the way in the shot without moving bushes and possibly provoking it. Yes, my hand was under these bushes. Uncool. SierraAzulSnake   (This photo is edited.)

We sure celebrated life tonight, as my mom suggested after hearing the story. I am so thankful that this ‘rattler’ was having an off-day and didn’t feel the need to bite.

Signing off with this little lizard we found and some photos of the picturesque views:

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