Happy ISU Fashion Week From Allison + Kelsey

It’s Fashion Week at our alma mater and we (Kelsey and Allison) want to wish you a Happy Fashion Week!


We are excited to collaborate and style our fashion show t-shirts for you today. We are also excited to give you some insight into The Fashion Show and reflect back on our experiences planning it in the Spring of 2010.

In the Spring of 2010, we worked together along with many others on The Fashion Show. The Fashion Show was a class that we took as an elective for in Apparel, Merchandising, Design, and Production (AMDP). We were in many of the same classes and we loved working together in them because of our similar personalities, strong work ethic, ambition, and merchandising talent.

Kelsey served on the Sponsorship Committee and partnered with local businesses to gain support for the Fashion Show, which was gaining popularity with guest designer Rolando Santana. Allison served as a co-director for Behind the Scenes Day which was a campus visit for prospective high school students that happened the day before the show.

Today, the Fashion Show frequently sells out the 2,747 seats in Stephens Auditorium. Committees collaborate to put together a 2-hour show featuring Iowa State University (ISU) student designers productions. After the Fashion Show, all of the winning outfits are displayed at the ISU Morrill Hall Textiles and Clothing Museum.


This year, the Fashion Show sold t-shirts to Alumnus living out of the Central Iowa area, which we are so excited about. We wore our 2014 Fashion Show t-shirts to work recently and were so proud to tell all of our co-workers and friends about our memories at ISU.  Take a look to see how we styled our t-shirts below.


Want to see us walk the runway take a look at the video!

(Video Credit: Iowa State University)


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