DIY: Beach Blanket Wrap

Well, here we are in the “unofficial” fall season! What better time to start a beach-ready project? 🙂

I was inspired by a beach towel I saw while on vacation in Kauai, Hawaii earlier this summer, put it on the craft list, and have finally completed it! Now, for your crafting pleasure I’ve complied an easy DIY tutorial for creating the ultimate Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde inspired beach blanket. On one side, it’s the soft, absorbent terrycloth we all know and love. The other is a high-quality, fashionable, woven cotton print. They team up to create the perfect accessory at the beach- beauty and function. Can it get any better?

No. Fire up your Singer and let’s continue.

Items Needed:

  1. Sewing Machine (I own a Singer Stylist– pretty basic and it gets the job done)
  2. 2 yards high-quality terrycloth
  3. 2 yards printed high-quality cotton weave (you can do plain as well)
  4. Thread in a contrasting color to your printed fabric
  5. Thread ripper
  6. Sewing needle
  7. Thread in a similar color to your fabric
  8. Fabric scissors (I use Fiskars)
  9. (optional) Fabric cutting board and rotary cutter

1. Machine wash and dry your fabric. This is very important because fabrics shrink and wash differently. You want this to happen before the finished product.

2. Iron your fabric. This is the best way to ensure that ends match up and there are no wrinkles in your finished product. It might be a mundane task, but with sewing- “the devil is the details”.

Optional: You may choose to fold each of your fabrics lengthwise and cut it into four total pieces. I wanted a wider towel so I did not cut each of my fabric pieces in half.

3. Lay your fabric out on a flat surface right sides in and pin together. Ensure there are no wrinkles. You may have some extra fabric on one or two sides- cut that off so all sides are even.

Lay Fabric Flat on Surface and Pin

Cats may also help this process:

Cats are helpful in the process...

4. Sew a straight seam on all 4 sides– aside from leaving a 2-3″ open space between stitch ends. This is so you can pull the fabric right sides out in the next step. Your tension should be set at “normal” or “auto” and use the thread that is a contrasting color to your fabric. Leave between 1/4″ and 1/2″ seam allowance, ensuring no selvage shows when the fabric is flipped right side out.

Leave between 1/2" and 1" of seam allowance.

Sewing a seam with fabric right sides in

PS I sewed through all 4 sides and had to seam-rip. It happens!

PS I sewed through all 4 sides and had to seam-rip. It happens!

5. Cut excess seam fabric off. I use a cutting board and rotary cutter for consistency, but a pair of scissors work well too. This is important so there isn’t puffiness in the end product.

Cut excess seam fabric off

6. Flip your towel right sides out. Use a chopstick or pen (with the cap on) to push the corners out.

Push corners out

7. Pin and hand sew the leftover corner using an overcast stitch. Use the thread that is a similar color to your fabrics.

Hand Sew8. Iron your edges so they are flush. This is to ensure your ends match up. You may also choose to pin your two pieces of fabric together on the ends, depending on your skill level.

DSC024979. Sew around the corners with a 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ seam allowance. It is your preference of how wide you’d like space between the end of the fabric and the stitch. Use your contrasting color thread for this step. If you’ve chosen the larger blanket size, be sure to check your bobbin thread as this project takes quite a lot of thread and it’s easy to run out!

Last stitch!

10. Voila! You have a great beach, pool or picnic blanket to use for yourself or a gift.

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