5 Reasons Why You Should Give Me a High-Five for Living in California

As a native midwesterner, instead of writing a love letter to the evergreens in the north woods I’m going to tell you a few (more) things that are much different in the wild west. Then, you can decide if you’d like to give me a high-five.

1. Did you just post a photo to Facebook of Super America $3.41 gas prices with the caption “WOW- gas is expensive.”? Try again. As of October 12th, unleaded gas in California was $4.95/gallon. We’ve switched to an unlimited fuel source for one of our vehicles- Brice’s legs pedaling to work.

Oct. 12th Gas Prices

2. Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? How about at Whole Foods? Task 1) Find hamburger buns Task 2) Take out a personal loan to pay for your hamburger buns.

3. Do the colors orange and red look similar to you at night? I bet! How about driving with orange street lights and lots of stop lights?

An actual photo from the Highways Agency.

4. Math time! Take out a calculator. Now, take your mortgage payment and calculate cost per square foot. Factor in 50% of your square footage and double it. Write a check for that amount and throw it in the trash. That’s renting in San Jose!

5. A beach party sounds fun, right? Just like in the miller lite commercials. Well, after 10:00pm the parking ticket cost in Santa Cruz, California is $160.00. After that you’ll be searching for buried treasure to pay for your ticket!

California, in all honesty is a very fun place to live and do business. However, there are many things that leave me mystified!


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