Dear Google, Please Hire Me

I began writing a cover letter today that started with:
Dear Google Hiring Manager,
My name is Kelsey Leighton and I would like to be considered for blah blah blah…

Wait. Google is going to read 50 million cover letters and see the same line over and over and 49,999,999 cover letters are going to go in the trash for some obscure reason. I’m different. Shouldn’t my cover letter be?

So, I wrote something different. really different. I just wrote what I wanted to. Me. But with professional flair.

Then, I thought- who else has gone above and beyond the conventional cover letter?

I found this very cool video from a young professional looking for a job at Google. If I had the movie editing skills I would most definitely do something like this.

It begs the question, should I make a video for my job search to stand out in the black hole of internet job submissions?


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