New Adventure: First Whale Sighting

Well, maybe not my very FIRST whale sighting.  During a trip to Maui I had a very spiritual experience (sounds corny-I know) viewing humpback whales swimming around our boat.  There were about 4 of them that were circling our boat about 1 mile from shore so closely that we had to cut the engines for 2 hours.  They blew bubble screens, blowholes and put on a real show.  It was so moving to see these huge animals just interacting with us, close enough for us to touch.  They had such a peaceful presence that literally showed how small and powerless to nature we all really are in this world.  These huge creatures, bigger then a school bus were circling our tiny boat and could have destroyed us with one flick of the tail- but didn’t.  Instead they stuck their heads out of the water and looked at us with their big eyes in plain curiosity.  They weren’t in OUR space we were in THEIR home viewing them.

See at the crest of the wave the water is displaced by the whale


Brice and I visited Half Moon Bay State Park on Sunday. When we arrived it was cool and cloudy- about 68 degrees. We sat down on the beach and just viewed the coastline.  At first I thought it was just a wave crashing, but then I saw it clearly- the unmistakeable puff of water when a whale exhales from their blowhole.   A huge whale possible gray or humpback was fishing about 100-150 yards from shore. It was so close we thought for a minute it was stuck in the surf and was going to beach itself.  It was the first whale sighting Brice had seen. I ran to the shore and was so extremely elated. That same feeling washed over me- peacefulness and awe.  🙂



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