Land of Lakes and Garrison Keillor: A reflection on PHC

Ahh, the calming sound of Garrison Keillor that comes on the radio in the warm sunny afternoons.  I can’t help but tap my foot to the Powder Milk Biscuits and feel so nostalgic over stories from Lake Wobegon.


Even though I technically haven’t lived in Minnesota for 6 years, I still and will forever call the state home.  Minneapolis is getting some national attention for being very bike friendly, the top most active city in the nation and highest percentage of people in the job force.  I hear a clip about Minnesota almost everyday on NPR and feel proud to be from such a prestigious state.

As predicted, I’ve found that I miss many of the things from the midwest, and namely Minnesota.  Brice and I talk about the BWCA and how it is such a unique and special place.  There truly is nowhere like it in the country and should be treasured and preserved for generations to come.  However, California has so many things to offer and enjoy that we are really taking advantage of this opportunity to experience new and different things out here.  We love the cuisine here and all of the many options for dinner- like Indian food!  I have come to really love paneer, saag and look forward to trying new dishes. 🙂

Speaking of food, Brice and I were listening to Prairie Home Companion this last weekend as we drove back from a day around the Monterey Bay area.  We were in stitches laughing at this clip from the show called “St. Paul”.  The actors portray two very different, but wonderful cities and how food is ordered in St. Paul and Minneapolis.  I encourage you to listen and laugh.

St. Paul- PHC

Happy Tuesday 😀


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