Pinterest Project

Well, my first Pinterest project has been completed.  After months of pinning and liking “pins” on this great site Pinterest I have finally completed my first real craft project.  As a 4-H “lifer” I took a goal-oriented approach and tried to document the event.  From one of my first “re-pins” of perfectly laid-out leaves on stretched canvas found here, I was really disappointed to find that the link from the photo had been tagged as spam or inappropriate by another Pinterest user.  Since there was a little bit of improvising here, the canvases did not turn out perfectly.  I have provided a few tips to ensure yours turn out perfectly 🙂

Here are the materials:

1) 4 colors of any acrylic paints.  I used DecoArt DASK Glossy

DecoArt DASK267 Americana Gloss Enamels Trend Sample Pack can be found on Amazon

2) A foam brush, proportional to the size of your canvas you choose.  I like using foam brushes better then regular painting brushes for craft projects like these.

Foam Brush that can be found at any local craft store.

3) 4 stretched canvas’s, whatever size you would like.  I used 11″x14″ and they can be found on amazon as well.

4) Painters tape– this is so when you tape the leaves on the canvas, they don’t blow around when you are spray painting.

5) Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint– we used Almond color.

6) 4 different kinds of leaves or plants.  Varying sizes are best.  You can also get plastic flowers/leaves at Michaels, but we saved $26 by picking up fallen plants around our building.

Some fern leaves we found and used the painters tape to affix it to the canvas.

Here are all the different types of leaves. They have paint on them from the spray paint.

7) Plastic sheeting or painters drop cloth (optional)












Steps to make leaves on canvas:

1) First, take the stretched canvas and paint 2 coats of the acrylic paint on each canvas.  We used 4 different colors on 4 canvases, but you can use any colors you like.  Leave about 15-20 minutes for the acrylic paint to dry- it should be dry to the touch before putting another coat of paint on.  Also, be sure that when you switch colors that the foam brush is absolutely dry, or this can strip the paint.

2) Leave the canvases to dry with 2 coats of paint.

Here are the 4 solid colors we used.

3) Then, gather your leaves and place them onto your canvases with your plastic sheet covering the area.  An important word of advice, place the leaves and plants between books or something heavy for a few hours.  This will allow the leaves to flatten out and not stand out from the canvas.  The goal is to have the plants be as flat on the canvas.  You can use the painters tape to secure large leaves to the canvas.

4) Once you have placed leaves on the canvas, start spraying with the Krylon spray paint.  Try to use a slow side-to-side sweeping motion to get an even, solid layer of paint on the canvas.  Do each canvas one at a time and set aside to dry with the leaves affixed to the canvas.  Do not remove them until the spray paint is completely dry!

5) After the spray paint is completely dry, gently take the leaves and plants off of the canvas.  Ta-da! There are your Pottery Barn-esque canvas prints!

This is using thicker leaves, but you’re not able to see the stem because we did not press the plants first.

Here are some Fern leaves. We used the painters tape to make it look like the leaves were coming out of the blue color.

Here we just used leaves, and you can see where we had the painters tape. I would suggest doing some touch-up paint with the acrylic paint to avoid this.

Canvas print using thinner leaves


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