New Adventure

Since my fiance and  I will be relocating to the San Jose area in May, I will share our experiences with everyone via this blog.  We will be “off the grid” from May 11th-21st during our road trip from Minnesota to California.  This is to allow us to de-stress and connect without the distractions of phones, Facebook, work, school, volunteering and general life. 🙂

So far we have started the pre-packing, organizing phase of our move.  We are getting ready for the moving trucks to come and pack up our things.  We are purging our closets, pantry and getting rid of a lot of things to people that might really need them. (example, Salvation Army) Then, after we drive out and arrive on the 21st or 22nd of May we will be in temporary housing. Then, from there we will be looking for permanent housing in the San Jose area.  We will hopefully get all of the things we are looking for from our “wish list” for an apartment!

I will be keeping everyone posted with photos and update from the move!


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