New Adventure: T-1 Day to Launch

Well, we are really down to crunch time.  We leave for San Jose, California and here is a general map of our route that we will be embarking on Friday morning.

I have been staying with my parents since I left Ames this last weekend. What a bittersweet weekend.  Brice graduated with his Masters of Science in Human Computer Interaction and Computer Engineering which was so exciting and I was so proud of his achievements.  Watching him walk across the stage made me feel so incredibly proud of everything that he has worked so hard to achieve it evoked aspirations of doing something great myself. 🙂

As some of you know, I have had trouble finding what I am truly passionate about.  I understand that life is a state of current flux and this is a new chapter in my life, but it is at times a bit jarring to have a path set ahead with no real clear directions.  In San Jose there are so many opportunities to be had I don’t know where to start!  In my temptations to plan everything: I am going to get settled in San Jose and then search for some great networking and volunteer opportunities.  I also need to get involved with a yoga studio asap!  I miss my yoga practice everyday.  I have tried to do a session on my own with an app, but it just isn’t the same.

My recent trip to Disney World did inspire a little creative thoughts and directions for me.  Every time I visit the parks I find myself truly believing that anything is possible.  Hearing and seeing the ambiance of Disney totally immerses me in a different, more care-free attitude which I find can help release any tensions or fears of the unknown.  Regardless of what others say I think we all have an inner child and there is just something so exhilarating to be involved with the culture.

I loved the gorillas- they were so playful.  Animal Kingdom has so many different species of animals and has changed so much since I last visited. They are much more focused on conservation and sustainability.  Every animal area talked about how many of each species were found in the wild and what we can do to help conserve the eco-system.  I was very impressed.

The Epcot lights show was incredible! Amazing fireworks (below) from Epcot.

This is part of the Epcot international flower and garden festival.  They made these completely out of natural shrubs and leaves and used sustainable dyes that have no harmful chemicals.  They also featured gardens and demonstrations on how to grow gardens that assist with bee pollination, butterflies, and water filtration.  Cool!

To see more photos, click here for my Facebook photo album.


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