New Adventure: Base Camp

We made it! After a full 72 hours of searching for apartments in a close radius around Apple, we finally found a place!  Competitive is a real understatement f0r the apartment market here in the bay area.  With companies like Facebook, Google and Apple going on hiring spree’s the market for a rental property is tight.  Add on Cupertino being one of the best school districts in the world, and it’s a recipe for stress and utter confusion.

The biggest surprise is that many of the apartments we looked at should be classified as apartment “communities”  standard amenities are some sort of recreational area with a huge TV, large workout facilities, pool, hot tub, and lobby with office hours staff.  While this may seem great, many of these communities aren’t gated and are only 2 or 3 levels with outside stairs leading to the apartment door.  This was just something I had a tough time with here.  But, I’m SO glad we’ve finally found a place to land.

Of course, we wanted to paint.  A real DIY project that is so typical for the couple that moves in together- a stereotypical portrait of a couple with roller brushes and paint-splotched jeans standing on plastic giddy with their new life together.  Our experience was far-fetched from the cover of a “newlyweds” magazine. We wanted to do green and blue accent walls within the apartment.  We bought the painters tape (3M!) and high-quality paint.  We put on our grubbies and talked as we painted. The next day excited to see the finished product we pulled off the painters tape to find the paint had bled through the painters tape because the wall was slightly textured.  It looked like a wavy line instead of our anticipated straight line. Brice took an eyeshadow brush and detailed around the entirety of both walls with the white paint.  Yikes!  At one point Brice said “I’m sure some day we are going to laugh about this.”

Now, we are in a sea of everything we own on the floor.  For 5 days we were surrounded by boxes and it took us 2 days to unpack 138 boxes.  (Brice did 1/2 day)  Now, we are trying to cram enough stuff that fit in a 2 BR 2BA into a 1/1.  We are also getting coordinating kitchen ware and bathroom sets. So, there’s been a lot of Amazon boxes, trips to Target and Home Goods.

After our boxes got here on Thursday, we decided to have fun for the Memorial Day weekend.  The fun started on Saturday when we went to the “I Love this City.” It is a 2-day concert that features techno, electronic and dubstep bands/performers around the world.  It was a great time and a very eye-opening experience.  Click here to see a video of one of the performers, Tiesto.

Then, we went to Monterey Bay on Sunday to see the aquarium.  What an amazing place!  I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting the area.  They don’t have an extremely wide variety of animals, but the aquarium is very comprehensive and educational.


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